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Essential Reference Books

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  2. Lange, David. A Guide Book of United States Proof Sets, 2nd Edition. Whitman Publishing.
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Sets to Look For

1968, 1970, 1975, 1983 "No S" Proof Roosevelt Dimes

For several different years, some proof Roosevelt Dimes from the San Francisco Mint were struck without the "S" mintmark. For each occurrence, the "No S" Proof Roosevelt Dimes are rare. In a few situations, the coins are significant rarities with only a handful known to exist.

The 1968 "No S" Proof Roosevelt Dime was the first situation. Responsibility for making proof dies rested with the Philadelphia Mint and production took place at the San Francisco Mint. At least one die was sent from Philadelphia lacking the "S" mint mark. A small number of dimes were struck with the die and released before the mistake was discovered. Approximately 12-14 examples are known in all grades. One of these, graded by PCGS as PR68 Cameo, sold for an astonishing $48,865 in September 2006.

Two years later in 1970, more proof Roosevelt Dimes were struck without a mint mark. This time production from an entire die pair was released before discovery, resulting in an approximate mintage of 2,200 of the 1970 "No S" Proof Roosevelt Dimes.

The 1975 "No S" Proof Roosevelt Dime emerged as the rarest of this error type. An extremely small number of proof coins missing the mint mark were released. The coins were so rare that they were not discovered until 1978 when two examples surfaced. These coins are now considered one of the major rarities of the 20th century with an estimated 2 to 5 pieces known. No examples have been graded by either PCGS or NGC.

One more time in 1983, proof dimes were minted without the "S" mint mark and released in some proof sets. The mintage is estimated at the life of a proof die, which at the time was 3,000 to 3,500 coins.

1971 "No S" Proof Jefferson Nickel

The 1971 "No S" Proof Jefferson Nickel represents one of the true rarities of modern proof coinage. Examples are always in demand, especially with deep cameo surfaces.

A small number of proof coins struck at the San Francisco Mint for inclusion within the 1971 Proof Set were mistakenly produced without the "S" mint mark. Statements later provided by Mint officials established the number of 1971 "No S" Proof Jefferson Nickels at 1,655. This represented only a minuscule portion of the total 3,220,733 proof sets sold by the Mint.

Collectors might want to double check their 1971 Proof Sets to see if the rare nickel is included, although chances are slim.

Similar situations of the mint mark missing from modern proof coins had occurred with the 1968, 1970, 1975, and 1983 "No S" Roosevelt Dimes.

1990 "No S" Proof Lincoln Cent

The 1990 "No S" Proof Lincoln Cent is one of several occurrences when a proof coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint without the "S" mint mark. Other examples include the 1968, 1970, 1975, and 1983 "No S" Proof Roosevelt Dimes. Generally, only a small number of such mistakes are produced and released, which makes for big premiums for discovered examples.

The mistake for the 1990 Proof Lincoln cent occurred when the Philadelphia Mint, which makes the dies used by the San Francisco Mint, failed to put the mint mark on one of the Lincoln Cent obverse dies. As a result, one production run of approximately 3,500 cents were struck with "No S" mint mark. These coins represent a rarity that is in steady demand, with prices into several thousand dollars.

DescriptionSets SoldIssue PriceFace Value
1947 Mint Set5,000$4.87$4.46
1948 Mint Set6,000$4.92$4.46
1949 Mint Set5,000$5.45$4.46
1951 Mint Set8,654$6.75$5.46
1952 Mint Set11,499$6.14$5.46
1953 Mint Set15,538$6.14$5.46
1954 Mint Set25,599$6.19$5.46
1955 Mint Set49,656$3.57$2.86
1956 Mint Set45,475$3.34$2.64
1957 Mint Set34,324$4.40$3.64
1958 Mint Set50,314$4.43$3.64
1959 Mint Set187,000$2.40$1.82
1960 Mint Set260,485$2.40$1.82
1961 Mint Set223,704$2.40$1.82
1962 Mint Set355,285$2.40$1.82
1963 Mint Set606,612$2.40$1.82
1964 Mint Set1,008,108$2.40$1.82
1965 Special Mint Set2,360,000$4.00$0.91
1966 Special Mint Set2,261,583$4.00$0.91
1967 Special Mint Set1,863,344$4.00$0.91
1968 Mint Set2,105,128$2.50$1.33
1969 Mint Set1,817,392$2.50$1.33
1970 Mint Set2,038,134$2.50$1.33
1971 Mint Set2,193,396$3.50$1.83
1972 Mint Set2,750,000$3.50$1.83
1973 Mint Set1,767,691$6.00$3.83
1974 Mint Set1,975,981$6.00$3.83
1975 Mint Set1,921,488$6.00$3.82
1976 Mint Set1,892,513$6.00$3.82
1976 Mint Set, Silver4,908,319$9.00$1.75
1977 Mint Set2,006,869$7.00$3.82
1978 Mint Set2,162,609$7.00$3.82
1979 Mint Set2,526,000$8.00$3.82
DescriptionSets SoldIssue PriceFace Value
1980 Mint Set2,815,066$9.00$4.82
1981 Mint Set2,908,145$11.00$4.82
1984 Mint Set1,832,857$7.00$1.82
1985 Mint Set1,710,571$7.00$1.82
1986 Mint Set1,153,536$7.00$1.82
1987 Mint Set2,890,758$7.00$1.82
1988 Mint Set1,646,204$7.00$1.82
1989 Mint Set1,987,915$7.00$1.82
1990 Mint Set1,809,184$7.00$1.82
1991 Mint Set1,352,101$7.00$1.82
1992 Mint Set1,500,143$7.00$1.82
1993 Mint Set1,297,431$8.00$1.82
1994 Mint Set1,234,813$8.00$1.82
1995 Mint Set1,038,787$8.00$1.82
1996 Mint Set1,457,949$8.00$1.82
1997 Mint Set950,473$8.00$1.82
1998 Mint Set1,187,325$8.00$1.82
1999 Mint Set 18 Piece1,243,867$14.95$3.82
2000 Mint Set 20 Piece1,416,000$14.95$5.82
2001 Mint Set 20 Piece1,113,623$14.95$5.82
2002 Mint Set 20 Piece1,139,388$14.95$5.82
2003 Mint Set 20 Piece1,001,532$14.95$5.82
2004 Mint Set 22 Piece842,507$16.95$5.92
2005 Mint Set 22 Piece1,160,000$16.95$5.92
2006 Mint Set 20 Piece847,361$16.95$5.82
2007 Mint Set 28 Piece895,628$22.95$13.82
2008 Mint Set 28 Piece745,464$22.95$13.82
2009 Mint Set 36 Piece $27.95$14.38
2010 Mint Set 28 Piece $31.95$13.82
2011 Mint Set 28 Piece $31.95$13.82
2012 Mint Set 28 Piece $27.95$13.82
DescriptionSets SoldIssue Price
1936 Proof Set3,837$1.89
1937 Proof Set5,542$1.89
1938 Proof Set8,045$1.89
1939 Proof Set8,795$1.89
1940 Proof Set11,246$1.89
1941 Proof Set15,287$1.89
1942 Proof Set21,120$1.89
1950 Proof Set51,386$2.10
1951 Proof Set57,500$2.10
1952 Proof Set81,980$2.10
1953 Proof Set128,800$2.10
1954 Proof Set233,300$2.10
1955 Proof Set378,200$2.10
1956 Proof Set669,384$2.10
1957 Proof Set1,247,952$2.10
1958 Proof Set875,652$2.10
1959 Proof Set1,149,291$2.10
1960 Proof Set1,691,602$2.10
1961 Proof Set3,028,244$2.10
1962 Proof Set3,218,019$2.10
1963 Proof Set3,075,645$2.10
1964 Proof Set3,950,762$2.10
1968 Proof Set3,041,506$5.00
1969 Proof Set2,934,631$5.00
1970 Proof Set2,632,810$5.00
1971 Proof Set3,220,733$5.00
1972 Proof Set3,260,996$5.00
1973 Proof Set2,760,339$7.00
1974 Proof Set2,612,568$7.00
1975 Proof Set2,845,450$7.00
1976 Proof Set4,149,730$7.00
1977 Proof Set3,251,152$9.00
1978 Proof Set3,127,781$9.00
1979 Proof Set3,677,175$9.00
1980 Proof Set3,554,806$10.00
1981 Proof Set4,063,083$11.00
1982 Proof Set3,857,479$11.00
1983 Proof Set3,138,765$11.00
1984 Proof Set2,748,430$11.00
1985 Proof Set3,362,821$11.00
1986 Proof Set2,411,180$11.00
1987 Proof Set3,972,233$11.00
1988 Proof Set3,031,287$11.00
1989 Proof Set3,009,107$11.00
1990 Proof Set2,793,433$11.00
1991 Proof Set2,610,833$11.00
1992 Proof Set2,675,618$11.00
1993 Proof Set2,409,394$12.50
1994 Proof Set2,308,701$12.50
1995 Proof Set2,010,384$12.50
1996 Proof Set1,695,244$12.50
1997 Proof Set1,975,000$12.50
1998 Proof Set2,086,507$12.50
1999 Proof Set2,543,401$19.95
2000 Proof Set3,082,572$19.95
2001 Proof Set2,294,909$19.95
2002 Proof Set2,319,766$19.95
2003 Proof Set2,172,684$19.95
2004 Proof Set1,798,488$22.95
2005 Proof Set2,275,000$22.95
2006 Proof Set2,000,428$22.95
2007 Proof Set1,702,116$26.95
2008 Proof Set1,405,674$26.95
2009 Proof Set1,477,967$29.95
2010 Proof Set1,103,950$31.95
2011 Proof Set1,098,835$31.95
2012 Proof Set794,002$31.95
DescriptionSets SoldIssue Price
1976 Silver Proof Set3,998,621$13.00
1992 Silver Proof Set1,009,586$18.00
1993 Silver Proof Set570,213$18.00
1994 Silver Proof Set636,009$18.00
1995 Silver Proof Set549,878$18.00
1996 Silver Proof Set623,655$18.00
1997 Silver Proof Set605,473$18.00
1998 Silver Proof Set638,134$18.00
1999 Silver Proof Set804,565$31.95
2000 Silver Proof Set965,421$31.95
2001 Silver Proof Set889,697$31.95
2002 Silver Proof Set892,229$31.95
2003 Silver Proof Set1,125,755$31.95
2004 Silver Proof Set1,175,934$37.95
2005 Silver Proof Set1,069,679$37.95
2006 Silver Proof Set1,054,008$37.95
2007 Silver Proof Set875,050$44.95
2008 Silver Proof Set763,887$44.95
2009 Silver Proof Set694,406$52.95
2010 Silver Proof Set585,414$56.95
2011 Silver Proof Set574,175$67.95
2012 Silver Proof Set395,443$67.95