Stamps and Philately

United States Clubs and Societies

  • Aerogramme Society
  • American Air Mail Society
  • American First Day Cover Society
  • American Philatelic Society
  • American Philatelic Congress
  • American Plate Number Single Society
  • American Revenue Association
  • American Society for Philatelic Pages & Panels
  • American Topical Association
  • Americana Unit, ATA:
  • Confederate Stamp Alliance
  • National Stamp Dealers Association
  • Postal Order Society
  • United Postal Stationery Society
  • United States Philatelic Classics Society
  • United States Stamp Society
  • World Clubs and Societies

  • Association of British Philatelic Societies
  • Australian Philatelic Federation
  • British Columbia Philatelic Society
  • British North America Philatelic Society
  • British West Indies Study Circle
  • Calgary Philatelic Society
  • Canadian Stamp Dealers Association
  • German Philatelic Society
  • Great Britain Collectors Club
  • Great Britain Overprints Society
  • Haiti Philatelic Society
  • India Study Circle for Philately
  • International Cuban Philatelic Society
  • International Federation of Philately (FIP)
  • International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors
  • International Society for Japanese Philately
  • International Society for Portuguese Philately
  • The Philatelic Society For Greater Southern Africa
  • Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
  • Scandinavian Collectors Club
  • Society of Thai Philately
  • United Nations Philatelists
  • Topical Clubs and Societies

  • Art Cover Exchange
  • Auxiliary Markings Club
  • Bullseye Cancel Collector's Club
  • Chemistry & Physics Study Unit
  • Ebony Society of Philatelic Experiences and Reflections
  • Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors' Club
  • First Issues Collectors Club
  • Hand-Drawn/Hand-Painted AFDCS Chapter
  • Henry Clay Philatelic Society (Kentucky)
  • Joint Issue Society
  • Old World Archeological Study Unit (OWASU)
  • Polar Philatelists, American Society of
  • Precancel Stamp Society
  • Railroad Unit, Casey Jones
  • Scouts on Stamps Society
  • Ships on Stamps Unit
  • Space Study Topic Unit
  • Sports Philatelists International
  • Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club
  • Lists and Search Engines for Clubs

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