Complete US Mint Year Set (Foreign and Domestic) – 1906

The economy began to take center stage in 1906. The Dow hit 100 for the first time on January 12 as it rebounded from a low of just over 42 in 1904. It continued to rally to 103 before falling back to just above 86 by year-end. Gold remained somewhat steady for the year, averaging $18.90, only 2 cents beneath the prior year’s average while silver’s mean was almost $0.70 per ounce, a gain of just over 4 cents for the year.

In sports, the forward pass was legalized, and in baseball, the Cubs lost the World Series with their players receiving only $439.50 each for their efforts, the lowest ever paid. As for world events, the Lusitania was launched, the Wright brothers patented the airplane, and an airplane flew for the first time in Europe on September 13.

This was an exciting year for coinage in America where 33 coins were minted for US distribution and 16 foreign coins were minted for Mexico and the Philippines. Charles Barber designed the first pattern of the new century as a new double eagle with Liberty facing left and 13 stars adorning the obverse and a standing Liberty featured on the reverse. E*P*L*U*R/*I*B*U*S*/U*N*U*M* was shown in raised letters on the outer edge of the coin to prevent “shaving,” a technique used by crooks to remove part of the gold from the outer edge of each coin.

The following are the coins necessary to have a “complete set” of 1906 American minted coins and designs.

  • Indian Head Cent & Proof
  • V-Nickel & Proof
  • Barber Dime – P, D, O, S, & Proof
  • Barber Quarter – P, D, O, & Proof
  • Barber Half – P, D, O, S, & Proof
  • Liberty Head Quarter Eagle & Proof
  • Liberty Head Half Eagle - P, D, S, & Proof
  • Liberty Head Eagle - P, D, O, S, & Proof
  • Liberty Head Double Eagle - P, D, S, & Proof

Coins Minted in United States for Other Nations

  • 1906 – 50 Centavos, 80% silver (identical coins made in Mexico)
  • 1906 – 5 Pesos 90% gold
  • 1906 – 10 Pesos 90% gold
  • ½ Centavo, 95% copper/5% tin & zinc, *Proof only
  • 1 Centavos, 95% copper/5% tin & zinc, *Proof only
  • 5 Centavos, 75% copper/25% nickel, *Proof only
  • 10 Centavos, silver/P & S (P has no mint mark but S does) & Proof
  • 20 Centavos, silver/P & S (P has no mint mark but S does) & Proof
  • 50 Centavos, silver – only plain & Proof
  • 1 Peso, silver (S only in circulation but 501 proofs were made in P)

United States Pattern Coins

  • J-1773: 1906 $20 Double Eagle