Complete US Mint Year Set (Foreign and Domestic) – 1913

To begin with, I am not counting the 1913 V-Nickel as part of anyone’s year set because of two reasons: 1) there were only 5 made, and 2) all were illegally minted. I probably should say the same each year about many of the so-called pattern coins. If you have been reading beginning with the early years, you will already know that many of the pattern coins listed were either unique or are currently housed in the Smithsonian and therefore unavailable for collectors so they should not be included, but my desire is to have a complete list.

But 1913 was a good year for numismatists. The Buffalo nickel, in high mint condition, is one of the most beautiful coins theUShas ever minted. It is true that it wears easily and finding a good collectible may be difficult at times, but since nickels, like cents, are now out of favor due to the rise in silver and gold, now is a great time to make investments in high quality Buffalo, Liberty, and Shield nickels. The 1913 S Variety 1, and the 1913 S & D Variety 2 are great coins to accumulate during this period when all eyes are on the commodity markets. The 1913 S dime is a semi-key and every kid in the neighborhood has always been on the lookout for the 1913 Barber Half. This year’s gold coins are mostly driven by commodity prices, but the “S’s” still commands a premium over the other mints.

1913 was a good year all around. The post office began post deliveries on January 1, and the Dead Letter, or Lost Letter department evidently began on the 2nd. Taft was President and under his leadership, the federal income tax began. It was only to be used to tax the rich. Yeah, right.

In March, Woodrow Wilson took over just as the IRS began collecting the 1% tax. The price of gold averaged $18.92 for the year and silver’s average declined almost 5 ½ cents to $0.584. That meant that there was only slightly over 4 cents in each dimes, and this continued to cause many to complain about our money and its backing.

The following are the 1913 coins for the year collector. There 32 coins released in theUS, three foreign country releases, and three pattern coins. But, as previously stated, only one of the pattern coins can reasonably be expected to be found in a major coin show. Happy hunting!

  • Lincoln - P, D, S, & Proof
  • V-Nickel - (only five known) (Non Collectible)
  • Buffalo Nickel Variety 1 – P, D, S, & Proof
  • Buffalo Nickel Variety 2 – P, D, S, & Proof
  • Barber Dime – P, S, & Proof
  • Barber Quarter – P, D, S, & Proof
  • Barber Half – P, D, S, & Proof
  • Indian Head Quarter Eagle & Proof
  • Indian Head Half Eagle - P, S, & Proof
  • Indian Head Eagle - P, S, & Proof
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle - P, D, S, & Proof

Coins Minted in United States for Other Nations

  • 1 Centavo (bronze) S
  • 10 Centavos (75% silver/25% copper) S
  • 20 Centavos (75% silver/25% copper) S

United States Pattern Coins

  • J-1950: 1913 5-cent piece, Raised ground reverse. Only 17 were issued, 9 held by public.
  • J-1951: 1913 5-cent piece, oversized design but with a rounded “3″. Only 3 remain today.
  • J-1954: 1913 5-cent piece (95% copper/5% nickel & zinc). No raised ground.