Complete US Mint Year Set (Foreign and Domestic) – 1920

1920 was a disaster for silver traders as the average price fell from $1.336 to $.655 in 1920, a loss of over 50%, while gold continued to rise reaching an average of $20.68, up almost ¾ of a dollar. The DJIA rallied 31% in 1919, but gave up 34% during this year. No, the Roaring 20’s didn’t begin exactly on time in 1920, but they were coming. They arrived early in New York City when the Yankees bought the Babe for $125,000.00, while Walt Disney got his first job as an artist for $40 a week that same month.

Women faired a bit better as they were giving the right to vote when the 19th amendment was ratified in August, the NFL was organized, and charges were brought against eight players for fixing the 1919 World Series.

But for numismatists, 1920 is a good year for being able to collect all issues since there are no major rarities. One only needs 20 domestic issues and 11 coins the US minted for other countries to obtain the complete set.

The following are the coins needed for the 1920 year set:

  • Lincoln Cent – P, D, & S
  • Buffalo Nickel – P, D, & S
  • Mercury Dime – P, D, & S
  • Standing Liberty Quarter – P, D, & S
  • Walking Liberty Halves – P, D, & S
  • Indian Head Eagle - S
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle - P & S
  • 1920 Maine Centennial Half Dollar
  • Pilgrim Tercentenary (no date shown)

Coins Minted in United States for Other Nations


No coins were made for Argentina in 1920 but blank planchets were made for 5 & 10 Centavos.

  • 1 Centavo (75% copper-25% nickel) made in D
  • 2 Centavos (75% copper-25% nickel) made in D
  • 10 Centimes, mint mark “A”. Coins minted in S, but carried the Paris mint mark since the dies were made there.
  • 20 Centimes, silver, no mint mark or silver content noted.
  • 1 Centavo (bronze)
  • 5 Centavos (copper/nickel)
  • 10 Centavos (copper/nickel)
  • 20 Centavos (copper/nickel)
  • 1 Centavo (bronze) S
  • 1 Centavo (75% copper/25% nickel)
  • 5 Centavos (75% copper/25% nickel)

There Were No Pattern Coins This Year