Complete US Mint Year Set (Foreign and Domestic) – 1930

1930 was not a good year for anyone except Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and a few others who happened to have jobs and nothing invested on Wall Street. Gold held firm for the year averaging 2 cents more than the previous year ($20.65), silver dropped like a rock falling 32% to $.33 per ounce, and the DJIA followed suit losing 30% to close out the year at 169.

The entertainment industry continued to push onward through the depression as the Mickey Mouse comic strip first appeared in early January, Blonde in September, the Lone Ranger hit the airways, and “Happy Days are Here Again” became the top song.

For numismatists, there were no Denver minted Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, or Standing Liberty quarters. No Walkers were minted at all as the depression took its toll. San Francisco was the only mint to produce gold coins, no commemoratives were issued, and there were no pattern coins making it easier to collect those coins that were issued.

  • Lincoln Cent – P, D, & S
  • Buffalo Nickel – P & S
  • Mercury Dime – P & S
  • Standing Liberty Quarter – P & S
  • Indian Head Eagle – S
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle – S

Coins Minted in United States for Other Nations

  • 50 Centavos (72% silver) mint mark “Phila. U.S.A.”
  • 2 Sucres (72% silver) mint mark “Phila. U.S.A.”
  • 1 Centavo (bronze)
  • 5 Centavos (copper/nickel)
  • 10 Centavos (80% silver/20% copper)
  • 25 Centavos (80% silver/20% copper)
  • 1/10 Balboa (90% silver/10% copper)
  • ¼ Balboa (90% silver/10% copper)
  • ½ Balboa (90% silver/10% copper)
  • 2 Bolivares (83.5% silver/16.5% copper)
  • 10 Bolivares (gold)

There Were No Pattern Coins This Year